Making use of Free Voice Transcription Program (Express Scribe)

The guidelines below were created for Mac users, but the essential steps are similar for individual who are using Windows. More directions can be found at the official Express Scribe site.

Download the audio recordings from a digital recorder to a computer

1. During the process of downloading the recordings, ensure that the recordings have been downloaded in different folders on the computer where all the recordings will be stored. These are recordings that will be imported to Express Scribe for transcription. Do not have anything else in the folders that have the recordings.
2. Recordings can be downloaded from a number of handheld portable recorders. You can get more information on the official site on this.
3. When you have recordings on an iPod, iTunes automatically launches when it has been plugged into your computer. Say “No” when asked the name of the iPod.
4. It is better to open the iPod so that it is seen as an external drive.
5. Copy all the audio files from the iPod to the created files to be used with Express Scribe recordings (in the first step).

Importing audio recordings to Express Scribe

1. Download the program from this site:
2. Install the software after downloading.
3. Launch the software after it has been installed.
4. Click on the ‘Dock’ button that is locates on the Express Scribe window after it has been opened.

5. In the audio File Transfer (Dock) window that opens:

  • Click on the browse icon that will help you locate the place where the recordings have been saved.
  • Click on the ‘only load files news that those previously’ box this is important as it ensures that the old files that have been downloaded from the recordings are not loaded again into Express Scribe each and every time you dock.
  • Click on the ‘OK’ icon.
  • When the Express Scribe window opens it shows audio recordings that have already been loaded.

Playing audio files so that they can be transcribed

1. Click on file that you need to be played
2. Start playing the file by clicking on the play button
3. The file can be played and stopped by the use of other arrow keys or by making use of the slide bars that are found near the arrow keys.
4. Speed of the playback can be set using the playback speed control.

  • Play around with this feature until you get the desired speeds.
  • The foot pedal can be bought from the official site.


Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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