The Future Predicted From Audio Transcriptions

Audio transcription predicted the future,” is a statement we are already hearing and might hear a lot in the near future.

Transcription is basically transforming recordings, whether video or audio, to written text. Written documents play an important role in making it easier to identify patterns and this in turn makes it quite possible to make future predictions. Fields such as technology, academia, economics, medicine and law can greatly benefit from written texts documenting past statements holding crucial information that is relevant to the future.

Scribes Got Us Here

During the ancient times, the scribes were basically the initial transcriptionists who drafted up sacred text from observing religious ceremonies and other functions. These texts have lived on and much can be deduced about the ancient times based on these transcripts. Modern day transcription was in every sense born out of what the scribes used to do, except that writing is no longer done in hieroglyphics and technologies have advanced making it easier to record and transcribe text. We have learnt a lot by gong through these ancient texts and they have taught us a lot of things about the past that we didn’t know, even in some cases opened up our eyes to realities of the present. Written text provides the reader with a means to analyze and discover connected ideas, which could unearth new possibilities that were previously not explored for the future.

Creating A Reflection of The Future

Future trends can be predicted by analyzing documented texts from current audio recordings of academic, medical or legal sessions. These texts, through seemingly unimportant to most people at the moment, create a reflection of future happenings. In the near future, a lawyer is likely able to find key evidence that is crucial in proving their client’s innocence. Medical transcripts of a patient or documenting research findings could be the key to uncovering a cure for a future ailment. Future scholars might just be able to finally solve the question that is ‘the meaning of life’ by studying transcripts created of present scholarly exchanges. In essence, all transcripts created from present audio or video recordings are a reflection of future events or occurrences.

Making Headway in Futurology

Collective intelligence is the term used to refer to the systemic exchange of discourse through news media, academic papers, books as well as other sources. Collective intelligence is increasingly becoming important because it is the foundation of futurology. Futurology is in essence the prediction or study of future occurrences based on existing conditions. Transcripts created now are equally important because they all contribute towards futurology. More on transcription services

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