Reasons Why Podcast and Transcription Services Make a perfect Match in Business

Podcast has become a popular marketing tool in the online businesses. The uniqueness of podcast marketing is that it creates a tangible relationship between the business owner and the customers who listen to the contents delivered to them through this medium. This form of marketing can be more productive if combined with transcription services. However, most business owners find this combination tricky since podcast is known to be a free form of marketing while transcription services are paid. It is worth to invest in transcription of podcasts for best results in the business marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why you need to have podcasts transcribed as a business marketing strategy.

Enhanced web traffic

When a business goes online, it becomes absolutely important to make it visible to all the web visitors who determine the traffic in the website. Increased sales are achieved when once the website has high traffic. Podcasts alone cannot drive the traffic of the business websites with the aim of getting the desired number of sales. This is when transcription services become essential in order to create an equivalent of the message contained in the podcast into text form. When catchy keywords are used in the transcribed materials the web traffic increases as they are captured in the search engines. This optimizes the landing page of the business site hence bringing more web visitors into the site leading to increased sales.

Makes podcast material accessible

The materials contained in the podcasts might not be accessible to the all listeners even when the major challenges are eliminated. It is regrettable when a listener misses out the vital information in the podcast due a simple reason such as lack of earphones. When the same information in the podcast is transcribed, it is possible for all to read through if listening is impossible. This spreads the message across to a multitude of internet users.

Convenient in a tight schedule

Today’s world is moving fast requiring one to rush against time to accomplish important tasks. In this case, one might not have enough time to listen to the entire information in the podcasts. Having this information transcribed into text form makes it convenient for those in need of quick information to skim through the written text on the web site. In this case, they can leave out the unnecessary parts and concentrate on what is essential for their needs.

Transcription adds value to the time taken to prepare the podcasts as it makes the message reachable to those who would have missed the information in them. Investing in transcription of podcasts is a bold step towards success of business. More on podcast transcription

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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