Integrating Podcasts on Your Blog

If you have a blog you might find that at times you are out of ideas on what to post. That is why it is important to have different content on your blog so that you can always have something to post and keep your blog updated. Podcasts are a good addition to blogs because they add an element of interest and will keep your blog readers captivated.


You might be wondering how to add a podcast to your blog. Here is a guide on how to integrate podcasts on your blog.

  1. Have a podcasting plugin installed on your blog
  2. Blubrry’s PowerPress plugin comes highly recommended as a user friendly and highly customizable choice.

  3. Add a category for podcasting on your blog
  4. It is important to categorize relevant post to the podcasting category. This will ensure that the podcast episodes are generated appropriately on the RSS stream. This is also important when it comes to adding podcasts to other directories like iTunes.

  5. Create a feedburner for your podcasting directory
  6. People will be able to subscribe to your podcasts via RSS using the feed you set up. This feed is also what you will submit to directories including iTunes.

  7. Make podcast recordings to upload to your blog
  8. Recording should not be complicated and you can use almost any mic which produces quality recordings. The Yeti USB microphone is a good choice. Audacity is also a good choice if you want to edit your recordings in mp3 format and audacity is available for free.

  9. Include show notes with each podcast
  10. The show notes should give a brief description about what the podcast is about and also includes hyperlinks to the diverse things you may mention on the podcast.

Transcribing your podcasts is also a good move to have content for your blog which acts as a search engine ranking enhancing tool. Having the transcript in PDF or document format available for download also gives your readers something to read on the go.

Podcasts add diversity to your blog content giving your readers something fresh and different to look forward to. Podcasts are also in a sense easier to create because we tend to speak faster than we write and therefore you will be able to cover what you wanted to in a short time. However, it is important to come up with a brief outline for what is to be covered on the podcast to be more efficient. More on podcast transcription.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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