The Advantages of Having Podcast Episodes Transcribed

If you are trying to reach a wider audience with your podcasts, or you simply have a large audience but are looking for a way of presenting the content in a different manner, podcast transcripts could be the answer that you are looking for.

There are numerous benefits of having the episodes of your podcast transcribed. Some of them include:

Search engine optimization- the transcript can be put up on your blog or website and this in turn feeds the search engines with loads of great content where it can crawl and attract more people to your site. This helps you get new listeners and readers to your audience.

Free stuff for people- the transcripts can be given to podcast subscribers at no charge, as a bonus for having them on board.

Easily come up with new products for sale- you can come up with books or courses that can be sold at a small fee as means of generating income from the transcripts. They can also be given out for free if your goal is not to make money.

Reach people you might have not- not everyone is able to listen in to what you have to say on your podcast. Transcripts help numerous people to get the information that you are trying to pass on thus generating the action required.

Instant blog posts and articles- you no longer have to keep banging your head on the desk because you have nothing to write as the transcripts offer instant content for your blog or website. These can be used to drive people to the podcast if they are looking for more information to make it more popular.

Making brandable reports quickly- PDF brander can be used together with affiliate links on the podcast. These can be used by the guests and listeners to make extra commission on some of the products that they like.

Something more for the guests- transcripts can handed out as that something extra that guests have while listening to your podcasts. This helps to retain the listeners as they know you actually care about them.

Make a video-the transcript can be combined with the podcast to make a Power Point Presentation or they can be arranged into various slide shows to make a video easily and quickly.

Transcripts are also a great way to improve search rankings and get to a wider audience which is very beneficial as it helps to make the podcast more successful. More on podcast transcription.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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