How To Successfully Record Conferences

Conferences are important events which are held for varied reasons and attended by a large number of people. Due to this nature of conferences; specialized recording equipment may be required to capture audio recordings for the event. A number of venues do provide built-in recording systems which more than often present technical difficulties during the recording process. There are ways to enhance the clarity of recorded sound using the available recording system.

The first and most important step is to seek the services of an audio equipment expert; if you do not know how to handle the equipment. Have the professional test and check the recording equipment to figure out whether it is fully operational. If you’re getting an LED screen or a display screen of some sort – make sure it’s audio does not interfere with the recording equipment. If the equipment does no work, you may have to hire large scale recording equipment for the event. It is advisable to go for digital recorders because of the high quality sound they record.

Carry out several test recordings before hand to ensure that the equipment work as required. Select an uncompressed digital format to record the sound in. Compression has the tendency to reduce the quality of sound which is never desirable. Set the audio channels to appropriate levels in order to record clean sound free from distortions.

Assign separate microphones to key speakers to ensure that the clearest sound is recorded. You can also go for lapel microphones, if your funds allow it, to record clear audio from each key speaker at the conference.

When the conference day materializes; counter check that the equipment works before officially beginning the conference. Set up the microphones in proximity to key speakers and adjust the levels accordingly. Ask for special consideration from those attending the conference, and those in the vicinity of the conference venue, to maintain minimal noise levels. Noise is the number one cause of bad sound recordings. A conference cannot be recaptured or re-recorded and this is part of the reason why you have to make sure that everything is set up and fully functioning before the conference commences.

Have back up plans; microphones are bound to fail, black outs may be experienced and other technical glitches with the equipment may occur. Have extra microphones, batteries, battery chargers and go for a venue to a backup power source. Respond calmly and professionally when technical difficulties are experienced because the crowds at such events react in line with what they see. Have handy people around to quickly address any technical difficulties which may arise. More on audio transcription

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