5 Amazing Ways of Recording Skype Calls

I have been searching for a method that can be used to record Skype VoIP calls I make. Most of the interviews I conduct are done through Skype since my AT&T reception is quite bad. It usually restricts me to look for a northwest corner in my balcony. This forces me to lean over the balcony to enjoy better reception. After almost tripping from the balcony and losing/damaging my phone, I decided to make Skype calls. These calls are recorded using an application on my iPhone, after placing the phone on the right position near the speakers on the laptop. I still don’t know why Skype has not implemented this function.

Before this happens, it is time to look for better ways that can be used to record the VoIP calls. As I was conducting the search, I managed to come up with 5 Ways in which this can be done:

Pamela [Win] – this is free to download and it permits a person to record the calls that have been made through Skype. The official website accords that it has been registered by Skype and it supports Windows devices. Some of the features it comes with include:


  • Blogging and Podcasting
  • Playing sounds as the call is going on
  • Answering machine
  • Creates really cool mood messages
  • Skype cal; conference call manager
  • Stereo/mono recording options
  • Automatic call recording
  • Skype call scheduler
  • Skype call transfer
  • Skype chat recording
  • Skype video recording
  • Skype call recording

My main concern however was with the fluorescent purple application is that the recording time is only limited to 15 minutes. The interviews that I deal with start to become juicy after 15 minutes. Thus this free application was really not going to work for me. There is an option of paying $ 25 when you are looking for unlimited recording time. It is easy to download the applications as it comes with instructions that are understandable. When you are done, restart Skype and you will be good to go.

My search continued and I came across MPs Skype Recorder. Just like Pamela it allows a person to record Skype calls. It comes with:

  • It is free and does not have any limits attached
  • Manual or automatic recording capabilities
  • Compact format of stored records
  • Can split person called and caller and save them on different tracks
  • Can be integrated easily with Skype conference recording
  • Easy to use interface.

Wire Tap Studio allows you to record edit and export audio on a Mac from applications like iTunes and Skype.

Ecamm Call Recorder [Mac]- gives you seamless recording controls when using Skype. It comes with:

  • Record video calls with pictures
  • Share recording
  • Designed for Mac users
  • Advanced compression capabilities

IMcapture- [Win/Mac] – records and captures audio from Skye calls. These are saved in MP3- AAC format. It is excellent for personal use and comes with numerous amazing features like: record audio Skype, time’s lapse indicator and quick time movies format.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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