Tips to save 50% off Interview Transcription

Interview transcription is normally affordable to all whether it is for individual research interview or the focus group discussion. However, there are some factors that can make the transcription of the interview rather expensive. These factors range from the quality of the recording done to the time available to have the transcription done. It is possible to have the cost cut hence saving up to 50% off the transcription fee. The decision to cut down the cost of interview transcription starts way before carrying out the interview recording. Here are viable tips to help you cut the transcription cost.

Be time conscious

There is a direct relationship between time and money. To be time conscious requires for proper planning ahead of the actual interview. Thus, ensure that you have identified and negotiated a tentative budget with a preferred transcriber. Then, make the recorded interview to be transcribed available to the transcriber soon after recording. In addition, obtain consent from the interviewee way before the due day of interview to avoid delays caused by issues surrounding the consent once the recording is complete. Remember that late handing of the materials to be transcribed will require the work to be complete within a day. This is likely to cost you 2 or 3 times the 4-5 days turn round. It might also compromise the quality of the work as it is done in a rush. Therefore, be effective in recording the interview and submitting all the required materials to the transcriber immediately hence saving cost.

Identify the right transcription method

When recording the interview, it is important to have the transcription method at the back of your mind. This is vital for the transcription to be done on the recorded focus group discussion. This is because there is need to identify the different speakers in it. In this case, marking the speaker by use of numbers such as ‘speaker 1’or letters like ‘speaker A’, is helpful. This helps in making the work of the transcriptionist easy hence charging you the normal rate.

Record quality audio

The quality of the recorded audio determines the cost of transcription to be incurred. When the quality of the audio is poor, it becomes very difficult for the transcriber to capture all the important words from it especially in verbatim transcription. In this case, you are likely to be charge twice the normal rate. Therefore, ensure that you have the right equipments for recording the interview and get a venue without the background noise while avoiding possible interruptions during the interview. Also ensure that you have an external microphone in order to avoid issues of unclear voice from the interviewee of interrupting them by directing them to be loud. This plays a major role in reducing the interview transcription cost.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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