Effective Strategies to Ensure Transcription Confidentiality

Every transcription company has a commitment to safeguard the confidentiality of the data provided to them. As much as players in different sectors appreciate the importance of transcription services, confidentiality has been a concern that blocks many from making use of this noble service. Their concern is genuine as the recorded meetings, interviews, materials gathered by the private investigators and recorded court proceedings contain private and confidential data that should not be accessed by other persons. This is why the Transcriptionwave has put in place measures to secure the safety of the files entrusted to it by a client. Here are some of the efforts made by this transcription service provider to safeguard confidentiality.


At Transcriptionwave, we vet staffs with great skills and values. This assessment is done during the recruitment exercise whereby we get transcriptionists who are grounded on the ethics of this career. In addition, for one to become a staff in our company, he or she has to sign an agreement to uphold confidentiality of the files and contents contained in them at all times. This ensures that no information leaks out via the transcriptionists in our company.

Data Fragmentation

Fragmentation of the data is one of the measures we have taken as a company to ensure safety of the files. Though we trust our staff members, no one is given the entire file to transcribe it at once. In this case, the file is divided in portions such that if a fragment accidentally finds its way to undesired third party, it will not be helpful because it does not contain the full information. Therefore, different transcriptionists transcribe varying segments of the file. However, this does not affect the flow of the entire transcribed file.

Use of SSL encryption

In Transcriptionwave, we make use of SSL encryption software that safeguards the data in our website. We have installed the 256-bit SSL industry standard series encryption in our website that encrypts the communication between the servers and browsers such that no information can be tapped from our site by intruders or hackers. This keeps our clients’ data safe hence guaranteeing confidentiality.

Transcriptionists’ supervision

As a company, we are aware of the sensitivity of the contents in the files entrusted to us. That is why we have assigned supervisors to all our transcriptionists when they are handling assignments. In this case, we monitor the activities of the personnel ensuring that no information is transferred to any third party.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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