Top Reasons for Using Transcriptions for Conferences

Transcription services are necessary for conferences. This is ideal for the conferences with more than one speaker and long conferences. The traditional method is to go with a note book and try to grasp every important detail from the speakers, the questions and feedbacks from the participants. This can be an extremely tedious job with the likelihood of being behind schedule being very high. Remember that people have gained promotions while others have lost jobs due to the results they take back to their employers. Do not panic, there is a smarter way of going about it. It is advisable to record the whole conference and getting the transcription of it once the conference is over. Here are the reasons as to why you need to have the conference transcribed.

Enhances accuracy

During the conference, the speakers normally talks more words per minutes than you can write. If you decide to use the notepad and a pen, you are likely to miss out most of the important contents of the conference as you struggle to remember and put down the points. Therefore, instead of a note book, carry a digital recorder as it captures every word said by the speakers. This helps you to have all the information that you can later transcribe hence having accurate contents.

Effectively distinguishing the speakers

When the conference is recorded, one can establish where the first speaker stopped for the second one to start. This makes the transcription easy as the speakers can be given their real names in the transcribed text. This helps the readers of the transcribed materials to know who said what in the conference.


When you record the contents given in the conference, the materials can be stored for future reference. Normally, the speakers invited in the conferences are influential hence adding value to the organization. When the recorded files are transcribed they can be compiled in a booklet form for future reference. This is very economical as the future members of staffs do not need to attend a similar conference as they can listen to the audio recording and read the transcribed documents as well instead of paying for the conference.

Income generating project

The transcription of the recorded conference file can become an income generating project for the speakers. In this case, the speaker in the conference can have the conference recorded then uses the professional transcriptionist to transcribe it. Then, the transcribed text can be formatted into a book that the speaker can sell as part of his or her work. Thus, through transcription of the conference one can earn a living from it.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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