Analog Transcription: Audio Cassette Tape, VHS, Betacam

Transcription wave offers digitalization, archiving services and transcription for Audio Cassette Tapes, Betacam and VHS. The analog format which is long forgotten was once the backbone of the audio and video production industry in the past years. Today there are numerous stores of VHS, Betacam and audio cassette tapes that have been left to collect dust sitting in dark and enclosed boxes never knowing if they will ever be rescued and see the light at the end of the tunnel. Despite all the technological advancements, Transcription wave had all the equipment in conjunction with the expertise that is needed to work on the ancestral analog clunkers.

Analog Decay

With time, analog tapes usually lose their quality and clarity. As times goes by you may find that the entire media that is stored on the tapes becomes useless. To get the information from this kind of decay is next to impossible and when it can be done it requires a lot of money. Before you get to such a point of not return, you should make a point to work with Transcription wave to digitalize, transcribe and digitalize as an attempt to save the analog gems.

Digital Archiving

The benefits of coming up with a digital video or audio archive has a lot to do with the capitalization of business assets. When analog media decays with time, it also looses the value it has to your company. Depreciation usually happens slowly over a long period of time but eventually the financial stock value of old cassettes, stock footage and any other analog media disappears. It therefore makes a lot of sense to spend a little money in the digitalization of the media to preserve their value financially while maintaining the integrity of video and audio permanently. Word Wizard is able to work with any format that you might have stored to ensure you don’t lose a thing.

Legacies of Progress

When the world was still young very many years back, it used to take a room full of machines to go through the process of transcription especially with time codes. Transcription wave spent a lot of money to acquire top notch quality decks that can handle any video or audio format. The company likes doing the work as it reminds them of yester years. While most companies will only focus on digital media the company prides itself in the maintenance of original analog capabilities that gives them the cutting edge over their competition without a doubt.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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