5 of the Best Headphones Available

When talking about headphones, the ‘best’ means different things for different people. For some quality is of utmost importance while for others noise cancellation is the most importance feature that they are looking for out of a good pair of headphones. There are essentially different aspects that can be used to determine which headphone works for you including price, frequency response, audio quality, and comfort and noise cancellation. Here are some of the headphones currently available which rank as the best headphones out there.

Koss’s Portal Pro


The Portal Pro headphones by Koss are easily some of the best quality headphones available. They come in a collapsible design enhancing their flexibility, portability and durability. They also feature an adjustable strap which goes towards making them more comfortable to the user. They retail at about $37 making them among the most affordable quality headphones available.

Grado SR80i


The Grado SR80i headphones beat the mark when it comes to headphones which offer crisp, beautiful sound and also offer unmatched comfort to the user. The headphones feature an open-air style which allows the user’s ears to remain cool. However, discomfort may be experienced if they are worn for long periods and this is effectively addressed through the breathable, soft supra-aural earcups. The headphones retail at about $99 which is worth it for this pair of vintage-looking quality headphones.

Bose’s QuietComfort 15


Bose’s QuietComfort 15 easily stands out because of its active noise cancellation capability. The headphones feature a closed back style which prevents music from leaking into the surroundings. The earcups of the circumaural headphones offer comfort even with long wear. They are by far the most expensive headphones on this list, retailing at about $299. However, the price could be well worth it because the QC15 headphones come with extra accessories including a carry case and removable cables for music players and well as smartphones.

Sony MDR-V6/7506


The Sony MDR-V6/7506 headphones stand out because of their versatile use in both loud and low-noise environments. The headphones come in a circumaural, closed-ear design optimized to minimize outside noise. They are also designed with portability in mind through their fold-up ability. The headphones sell for about $70 to $130.

Audio Technica ATH-M50


The headphones are reputed for their superb audio quality, portability and sleek design. They are an ideal choice for those who like to listen to their music with rich treble or deep bass. The headphones retail at about $145 to $199.

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