Tips on Getting a Perfect Transcription

It is the desire of every client and transcriptionist to have a perfect transcription piece of work. This is possible to achieve with both the client and the provider having their distinct roles to play in the process. As a client, you are required to ensure that the recording is done in an audible and clear way while handing the recorded work to the transcriber on time. This facilitates easy working process without many unwanted challenges that can be avoided. When this is said and done, the ball lies squarely on the transcriptionist cot. Here are some tips to help you get a perfect transcription.

Determine the needs

In order to get a perfect transcription from the recorded work, it is important to determine your needs. In this case, you need to identify the nature of recording you are to have. This points out to the recording tools to be used in the interview or group discussion. Then, get to know how many speakers will be involved in the interview, conference or discussion. In addition, the length of the recording needs to be established in order to make the necessary plans to eliminate any interruptions. Lastly, the purpose of the recording need to be established whether is for press release, research project or any other purpose.

Right recording equipment

Depending on the reasons as to why you are carrying out a recorded interview, the right equipments should be gathered. In this case, the external microphone and the digital recorder that supports the transcription software should be used. Ensure that you test the equipments before the due date of recording to ascertain that they are functioning properly.

Organize briefing meeting

A briefing meeting is very important prior to conducting the interview or group discussion. This meeting is aimed at briefing the participants that the interview will be recorded. This gives an opportunity to discuss issues surrounding consent and obtaining the same from the participants. In addition, the participants should be made aware of the purpose of the recording so that they can make informed decisions. At this stage, handle all the queries regarding the recording to avoid interruptions during the interview.

Identify the right transcriptionist

In order to identify the right transcriptionist or the company, it is important to check for the one with the desired qualities. This should be determined by your needs. Ensure that the provider you choose has a history of providing quality transcriptions, has vast experience in the field, observes confidentiality and has the required capacity to handle the workload you are about to give. Then, make your special needs known to the provider before signing the contract. In this case, provide the instructions that you need to be followed during the transcription service process.

Submit the recorded file

This is the last step and the most vital. Cross check the recording to ensure that it is complete. Then, upload it to the website ensuring that it is in the correct format acceptable to the drives in the website. Communicate with the transcriptionist to ensure that they have received the whole recording. This helps in facilitating a perfect transcription of the recorded interview.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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