Benefits of Transcription to Media Companies

Transcription process is an integral process in the different businesses especially the media fraternity. This refers to the process of converting the audio and video files into written texts or documents. The media deals with a variety of departments such as the newspaper publishing, magazines, radio broadcasting and television networks. In addition, the production houses and websites are also part of the media fraternity. All these departments deal with the same message that is delivered in different mediums. This means that the files need to be transcribed by professionals who ensure quality and originality of the message contained. Here, creativity and accuracy is a requirement as the information will go in public domain through different channels hence its authenticity should not to be compromised. There are numerous benefits of the transcription in any form of media that include.

Enhance web traffic

Transcription makes it possible to have exclusive interviews available for the web visitors to access. This attracts many web visitors into your website hence increasing the traffic as they download the unedited work. In addition, they also refer others who wish to have the same materials into your website.

Caters for individual differences

Transcription process caters for the individual customer differences. When the materials are in audio or video files only, those with hearing and visual impairment respectively are denied access to them. However, once the transcription is done, everyone can access the materials regardless of the impairment challenging them. These help in making the information available for all hence facilitating many to make decisions to get services from your business.

Guarantees security

Transcription guarantees the security of the business. Once the files are transcribed, the materials are kept securely in different storage systems available for retrieval when need be. In this case, the phone calls, interviews and any other video or audio files recoded are transcribed into texts for future reference. However, confidentiality will always be assured and safe guarded.


The process of media transcription is economical in terms of time, cost and efficiency. When transcription is done on a file, it becomes easy for one to scan through the text compared to a full video or audio record. In addition, it increases the publications especially blogs for the website when the files are transcribed into articles. This does not take long as within a day the writers in the firm can do transcription on several files making numerous blogs from them. This also makes the organization popular through the transcribed work that has been published.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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