6 Step Help Guide for Journalist Interviews

There are some people who were born to be journalists. They are usually audacious and inquisitive and always want to be successful in everything they do. Unfortunately there are some people who are the complete opposite of this and will find themselves wanting to bury themselves every time the word interview is mentioned. When conducting an interview, writing skills are usually not enough. Below are some of the tips that can be followed to handle an interview successfully.


It is recommended that you do a lot of intensive research when you are interviewing a member of the rotary club or a famous celeb. Talk to associates and use Google to get all the information you need. Know all the important details before you sit down with the person.

Be prepared

This is where you need to write down all the questions you want to ask the person as well as anticipate some of the responses they might have as this will help you come up with other questions. This will help the interview process to flow which is good for both of you.

Connect with the person you are interviewing

There are some people who prefer a laid back style while others will go for a professional interview. Judge the preference of the person you are talking to in the early stages of the interview so that it can be conducted accordingly.

Leave your nerves outside the door

Even though it is the first interview that you have conducted, don’t let the butterflies in the stomach show. The interviewee is also likely to have jitters thus you have to be composed and calm for everything to fall in place. A clear mind will also help you ask the questions in a confident manner.

Record the interview

This is important as it is not very easy to write down everything that transpired during the interview. It is better to have a recording rather than ask the person to pause and repeat themselves when they are talking as this can be annoying.

Keep courtesies

Once the interview has been published, it is only fair to send the person who was interviewed a copy together with a thank you note. Even though he is a bigwig, he is not supposed to buy the newspaper or magazine to read his own interview.

It is also important to know that interviewing skills usually get better with time thus there is no need to crucifying yourself in case there is anything wrong as you should learn from your ,mistakes and move on to be better. More on Journalist interview transcription

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