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Originally, the data presentation was delivered in conjunction with the Association for Downloadable Media as a webinar on the 21st of May 2009. This was the first time that the public got to hear about the report. As revealed by the Podcast consumer: 2009 can be named as the 4th iteration of the study that is widely cited of the budding audience for video and audio podcasts as the numbers have increased significantly over the time. The Multimedia Research Series 17th Edison/Arbitron Research Internet were used to get the data that was used for the research presentation: it is one of the most comprehensive and longest running series of study done on adoption, consumer usage and the behavior that surrounds technology and new media thus provided a lot of valuable information that was used to give the research a great backbone.

Edison’s vice president Tom Webster who is in charge of strategy and marketing was the person who gave the presentation in a meticulous way. It runs for approximately 60 minutes when questions are included and therefore you do not have to be worried about spending a lot of time on the presentation. Individuals can also download slides that were used for the presentation if they want to keep them for later reference or other personal uses. Some of the highlights of the study include:

  • The fact that one in every four Americans said that they had ever listened/watched and downloaded a video or audio podcast.podcast_listen
  • Awareness of the entire podcasting idea grew from 37% of the citizens in America to 43%.
  • Time shifting was the number one reason that was given for increased podcast consumption- this is the ability of a person to consume content when they feel like it or when desired.
  • Podcast consumers will continue over the years to be an ideal advertising target despite the fact that they are becoming increasingly unreachable via interrupt and traditional advertising.


Some of the reactions that people had on the Podcast Consumer were nothing short of praise and they include:

Michael Dalfonzo said that “Tom, as always very enlightening. Saw the slides earlier, but it’s always enjoyable to hear your commentary on the study. 2009 looks like the year when Podcasting will become a major force.”

Alex Wunschel said that “Tom, amazing data, enjoyed the webcast and I will present some slides at our podcast conference “niche09″ June, 20th in Munich.”

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