5 Simple Speech-to-Text Solutions

It is possible to use Amazon Technical Turk for transcription especially when dealing with digital audio, but this might not be ethical. Quality is one of the main reasons why you need to carefully choose the transcription method that can be used to do the job right.

There are several reasons why a person might not want to make use of the keyboard when they want to text. They may have to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome, which is essentially a tingling or numb sensation. You might want to add something on the list you want to work with which is not near the PC. You might also have a conversation that has been recorded, but it is needed in text format. Finally, you might also be curious to know how the latest software and hardware tools work.

There are very many people who work on the transcription project and you not only need to upload the work on Amazon Mechanical Turk as there other online resources that can be used like Castings Words, Transcription Wave, Kedrowski transcription and Purple Shark to name but a few. The services usually do not come by cheaply as they mostly concentrate on high end clients who deal with media, law and medicine but they usually guarantee convenience and accuracy. Transcription Wave seems to be most accurate and cost efficient.

You can also try out the machine based jobs where certain software is used for the transcription job. This article will enlighten you on some of the options that can be used. Like:

Google voice

The service does not charge for use but the accuracy produced is not something to write home about. This is however bound to be better as they continue to offer the service. If you have a Google Voice account all the voicemails are transcribed are sent to your Gmail inbox. It is mostly ideal when you have short projects as it does not handle long projects well.


This is similar to Google voice as it allows a person to call a certain number and speak the work that is supposed to be transcribed. This however is not free of charge as a person needs to choose from the various subscriptions they offer.

Dragon dictation

This is a free application that comes with the iPhone and iTouch. This is great when working with brief email social media update or text message.

MacSpeech Dictate

This is a desktop application that is found with the Mac machines. It is quite impressive when it comes to speech recognition and accuracy. It is however not cheap to use.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

This works out well for the windows environment, and it is quite affordable to use.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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