Seven Questions to Ask About Transcription Service Rates

If you have thought about having the material from your training sessions, coaching speech, video or audio podcast transcribed, congratulations. Coming up with transcripts, e-books, articles and many others from the golden content is one of he best ways to increase your bank account and build the opt in list.

Most people think that evaluating the quote they get from the professional transcriptionist service provider is easy but this is not the case. This is because different companies use different methods for charging ad you may end up comparing oranges and apples. There are also a number of services that do not reveal ahead of time how their system of charging works. This is where people end up getting surprised once they get the invoice.

Some of the questions that you can ask to ensure that the quote given actually reflects on the understanding you have on the service fees involved include:

1. What is the structuring of the transcript services?

There are some transcription services that charge per hour, min or even monthly charge. This can be accompanied with charge for minimum fee or extras fee.

2. Will you be charged for the length of the content or the time that it will take to transcribe the material?

For instance if the material you have handed in is about an hour will be charged for this or the 4/5 hours that will be used to complete the work.

3. Are they using voice recognition for the job or a skilled human who has experience with transcription?

There are some companies that make use of voice recognition software for the work and go through it later to ensure it is of high quality.

There is also a possibility that your work may be transported off shore to people who are not familiar with the English language.

4. Does the company offer any correction or editing service and are these included in the final charge or you have to pay extra?

There are some that will offer the editing services as part of the entire project while others will ask you to pay extra.

5. Does the company want to know details on your project before they can start working on it?

6. What will the end product look like?

7. Does the transcriptionist have all the information they need to give you a quote on the work done

This is so that they do not change their mind in the middle of the project.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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