How Transcription Services Can Help Increase Traffic to Your Website

A number of companies regularly use the services of transcription providers, to save on time and ease the load on secretarial work. Transcription service providers may be contracted to convert recorded conferences or dictations to text format. However, transcription services play a much more important role because the acquired transcripts can be used to increase visitor-traffic to your website.

If the nature of your business involves the use of podcasts and other business-related videos, you could use the transcripts derived from these recordings to drive increased traffic to your website. There are several benefits of posting transcripts alongside the videos found on your website.

  • Transcripts can be used to reinforce the message contained on podcasts or other business related videos. The transcripts can clarify the intended message, in the case that it was presented in a complicated way on the recording. The transcript can also act as a summary of what is to be seen on the video, for visitors who cannot spend a lot of time watching the video to its entirety.
  • The videos on your website can carry subtitles in several languages, to reach out to the diverse web users. This is particularly important if your business is ready to expand to a global scale.
  • The transcripts can also be published on your website or blog, particularly if you can’t come up with regular content for your site.
  • A number of individuals who suffer from hearing impairments, and having subtitles or transcripts accompanying the videos posted on your website is one of the way to reach out to them.

It is important to optimize your transcripts, to make them easily searchable through search engines, by including search engine rich keywords in the content. You could have the transcription provider carry out this task during the transcription phase, and the keywords can be located with the help of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service provider. There are however a number of software applications available online which can generate the search engine rich keywords, specific for the nature of your website.

It is also important to regularly update the content found on your website, to increase your web presence. The best way is to record meetings, conferences and other business related gatherings for transcription purposes. An alternative would be to have a typist seat in on meetings or conferences and summarize the discussions which can be later posted on your website. Similarly, these typed-recordings can be optimized in a similar manner to increase the visibility of your website.

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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