Three Steps Used To Produce Quality Transcripts

The outline of transcription services entails a 3-step quality procedure; these steps are Transcribing, Dictation and Recording. Out of the three procedures, transcription needs a high degree of good attributes which should be reviewed before it can be dished out.

Quality is the most essential feature of the transcription process and in this case it can be defined as accuracy – in the context to which the transcription conforms to a set of standards. Accuracy is one of the quality processes that can be used as a measure for success in transcription. The character or the character-type should be the same as what was recorded in the multimedia file which may be either in a visual or audio format.

The Quality process that involves three basic steps aims at ensuring that only top notch attributes are delivered in the transcription world. These attributes should be in conformance with the set standards.

  1. The first step in transcription is to obtain the audio files through secured links and these links should be deactivated as the file is downloaded. The downloaded files are then handed to a group of specialist called transcribers who begin working on the audio-visual media.
  2. Proof reading is the second step of the quality reviewing process. It involves the thorough review of the transcripts to correct errors including filling up empty spaces, correcting spelling, paragraphing and punctuation errors, and also checking for words that have similar sounds when pronounced but different spellings.
  3. Editing is the third step in the conformance to quality check. It is the main determinant of the quality of a transcribed audio-visual file. At this level of transcribing, the editor pays close attention to the multimedia file and listens to the file several times counter check on accuracy and sequence format. The accuracy level at this stage should be at 100%.The editor then goes ahead and checks the file one last time, just before he/she starts making changes to the multimedia file according to the client’s specifications.

It is of importance to get the transcribed file back to the client within the specified turnaround time, and in the right format as well as specifications requested by the client when initially contracting your services. Transcription should take the minimum amount of time possible, if you have the best software at hand.

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Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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