Micro Cassette Tape Transcription

We are very happy to announce that we still support individuals who make use of analogue recorders. Most recordings today however are digital because of the high quality that is produced during recording. But this does not rule out the fact that micro cassettes, standard audio tapes and mini tapes can still provide reasonably high quality sound especially when an external microphone and a superior recorder is used. The devices can still be used to produce decent recording as long as they are not used in an environment where they are not intended.

Micro cassettes measure 5×3.3 cm and are smaller than the mini tapes. They are mainly used for dictation but can also be used for interviews if they have external microphones. They are however not the best option for interviews or groups that have many people as the microphones are not as powerful. As transcription services are becoming more popular they are also becoming costly and you would probably be better off getting a good digital recorder.

Going through our testimonials page will give you a feeling of how our services are as everyone we have worked with is happy and recommends us to other people with similar needs. We also have an equipment and guidelines page where you can get answers to any concerns you might have on the service. Quality of tape normally varies and they are also prone to damage like breakage and we advise you use high quality tape.

It only takes about 4- 6 hours to transcribe 60 minutes of recording especially when dealing with one on one interviews and dictations. Other factors that influence the timings taken on transcription services include:

  • Quality of the recording
  • Microphone that has been used
  • Number and clarity of voices
  • Need for speakers to be pointed out
  • Speed of speech
  • Use of coherent sentences
  • Background noise
  • Regional accents
  • Terminologies used

We offer per minute audio rates for minidisc or digital recordings and per hour rates for mini tape, audio tape and micro cassette recordings because of quality of recording. If you think that you project is clear all we have to do is listen to it and offer you per minute pricing.

We offer free digital recording by converting the taps to digital files as this makes work easier. All work is proof read to make sure that it is handed in error free. We also use intelligent verbatim as the default transcript style. More on Micro cassette transcription

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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