Give Your Videos A Global Touch through Captioning and Transcripts

The corporate world has been evolving in line with new technology. Business meetings are no longer boring, dull and the ‘activity to get out of,’ as they used to be in the past. Board room meetings have incorporated power point presentations, video chat and documentary as well as short film screenings. Every business executive turns up to modern business meetings unlike in the past when secretaries were given a kick back to get them out of the long and boring meetings. With the rise in documentary and short film screenings in business meetings; the need for captioning and transcripts creation has also risen.

Videos are essentially pictures which tell stories aided by the audio. Despite the pictures being arranged in beautiful sequences and accompanied by high end sound effects; the message conveyed by the video is lost if the viewers cannot comprehend the audio. Audio is as equally important as pictures on a video. There are instances when the picture is given too much attention and the audio suffers by relaying distortions. Captioning can save such a video by relaying the audio through subtitles running through the video.

Messages are like wise lost if the viewer does not understand the language or dialect accompanying videos. Captioning in a language understood by the audience goes a long way in passing the message through. Captioning also plays a greater role when it comes to similarly sending the message across to people with hearing impairments. The captions also help all viewers in general to better understand what has been verbalized. The accent of the speaker or actors in a film may not be easily understood by everyone. Subtitles go a long way in ensuring that all viewers understand what speakers in a video are verbalizing.

Television stations always need the transcripts of TV shows for documentation and legal purpose. Television shows, especially news shows, carry various stories on well known personalities. The way the shows present the news item may be misconstrued and lead to defamation suits. The transcripts of the show take on the role of evidentiary material during such legal proceedings.

Personal videos which are uploaded to online sites also need captioning services. These videos are likely to be viewed by the vast global web users who use the internet. This is why more people who upload videos opt for captioning services; to make sure that their videos have the international touch required to get heir message across. More on video transcription

Jessica Miller, Marketing Head in Transcriptionwave, General Transcription Services Company in the US.

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